Sierra Madre Fire Safe Council 

The Sierra Madre Fire safe council is a community-based organization which shares the objective of making California's communities less vulnerable to catastrophic wildfire. Fire safe councils accomplish this objective through education programs and projects such as shaded fuel breaks or firebreaks to protect area residents against an oncoming wildfire and to provide fire fighters with a place to fight the oncoming fire.

Sierra Madre Fire Safe Council
501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation

President: Mike Kinney
Secretary: Sharon Allen
Chief Financial Officer: Gretchen Lee

Caroline Brown (Local Horticulture, Education and PR)
Lisa Derderian (Fire / Pasadena- Hastings Ranch)
Don Heins (Arcadia / Homeowners)
Gary Hood (Emergency Education and Training) R
ichard Snyder (Fire / Sierra Madre City Liason)

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