Sierra Madre Emergency Communications Team 

The Sierra Madre Emergency Communications Team is a group of federally-licensed amateur radio operators which functions under the auspices of the Sierra Madre Police Department (SMPD). Its aim is to be an additional Sierra Madre communication service in the event of local disasters like earthquakes, flooding, or wildfires.

SMECT also operates an AREDN mesh network across the city of Sierra Madre, providing high-speed wireless communications in times of emergency.

We practice communications in the community several times a year by helping with local events - helping with the Mt. Wilson Trail Race, providing additional eyes and ears along the Fourth of July Parade route, patrolling in the dark on Halloween during the Halloween Happenings event and keeping an eye out for lost kids, and helping the Chamber of Commerce with communications during the Wistaria Festival. In between times, we meet - either in person or on the ham radio net on Mondays at 7pm on 144.330 simplex, PL 156.7

Sierra Madre Emergency Communications Team Mesh Networking Website